Saturday, August 29, 2009

New awards for BackroundCycler

My project has Been awarded two awards from they are Virus/spyware/malware free

Backround Cycler antivirus scan report at

and this Top Quality Stability and Performance award

Backround Cycler video tutorial at

I will me making a page just for the awards that my project has made in the coming weeks

Friday, August 21, 2009

Changes and Apologies

I have neglected this application for two reasons

  1. I have run out of Idea’s to add to this app.
  2. I have been busy with other stuff.

Now i have returned to the project and my plans for Version 5.0 includes,

  1. work on bug report #2812201 (Top Priority)
  2. Get Images off a web service (am running multiple options in my head and any suggestions is much appreciated)
  3. Work on making my application Better.


Also i am looking for people willing to test the application on Windows 7, i have no access to this OS at the moment and want preliminary data on compatibility


Any suggestions can be made in the Comments section of this post or to my email at williammccormic <at> users.sourceforge <dot> net


William Edward McCormick
Project Admin