Sunday, November 9, 2008

Backround Cycler version 3.9 Beta 2 (a 4.0 beta) released

Version 3.9 Beta 2 of Backround Cycler has been released.

Updates to this package are:
  1. fixed a bug in the Debug display now the number of items in the Pictures List are counted
  2. Added an Edit settings option to the context menu, it will take you strait into the setting pain of the program
  3. Added the option to Scale the Image now your images can be scaled down/up to size and not look all stretched out

William Edward McCormick

Friday, November 7, 2008

Common Questions I have Received & updates

I have received many questions about the Backround Cycler project I will answer them in this post.

Question 1) Did you know that you spelled background wrong?
  • Answer) yes, the misspelling was happened when I was registering the project with SourceForge i missed the g. But instead of me contacting SourceForge and asking if they can fix it, I decided to just use the spelling like that.

Question 2) Why use the name Backround Cycler?
  • Answer) I did not think that the project would do as good as it did and I was just using it for my Resume. But when I started getting Feedback i started putting thought into my work.
Question 3) Why did you change sites?
  • Answer) I was having trouble Administrating SourceForge site for some time. To make things easier on myself i started using this site for Project news. Also Spam had become a problem on the other site and SourceForge does not allow external site linking so i could not implement proper anti-spam mesures.
Question 4) Why is Advertising on your site?
  • Answer) To make a little money off the project. I try to make the Advertising as non distractive as posible but if you find it to over the top let me know and I will see what i can do to fix it

I know that Beta 2 is a little late but i ran into a problem with releasing it. I am fixing the problem as fast as posible and will try to have it released by November 12, 2008.