Friday, November 7, 2008

Common Questions I have Received & updates

I have received many questions about the Backround Cycler project I will answer them in this post.

Question 1) Did you know that you spelled background wrong?
  • Answer) yes, the misspelling was happened when I was registering the project with SourceForge i missed the g. But instead of me contacting SourceForge and asking if they can fix it, I decided to just use the spelling like that.

Question 2) Why use the name Backround Cycler?
  • Answer) I did not think that the project would do as good as it did and I was just using it for my Resume. But when I started getting Feedback i started putting thought into my work.
Question 3) Why did you change sites?
  • Answer) I was having trouble Administrating SourceForge site for some time. To make things easier on myself i started using this site for Project news. Also Spam had become a problem on the other site and SourceForge does not allow external site linking so i could not implement proper anti-spam mesures.
Question 4) Why is Advertising on your site?
  • Answer) To make a little money off the project. I try to make the Advertising as non distractive as posible but if you find it to over the top let me know and I will see what i can do to fix it

I know that Beta 2 is a little late but i ran into a problem with releasing it. I am fixing the problem as fast as posible and will try to have it released by November 12, 2008.

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