Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly Progress Report for May 2012 (part 2)

I was hoping to have a nonfunctioning preview out by now. But the program code is twice as large as it should be, and is a little slow, mostly because it still has 100% of the version 5 code underneath.

But on a plus note, May was a very productive month for the program. I have the GUI all programmed, and some functionality programmed in. I had to create a clickable link, it's a lot like the hyperlink control in Winforms. I had to create my own version of a numeric up-and-down control.

For April I plan to have some functionality in the program, at least some basic functionality. I have also begun removing some legacy code that has not been needed. Began restructuring the namespace and classes to be more pragmatically efficient.

At the end of April I plan on having an alpha release, even if it just has basic functionality.


William McCormick
McCormick Computers