Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why codename “V6”

A question that I have gotten on the remake of Backround Cycler is “Where did you get the codename ‘V6’ if it is not Version 6?” Well I did not get the codename “V6” as a version number, as a matter of fact the codename is a reference to a 6 cylinder engine inside of cars. I believe the move to C++/win32++ will produce a better program. As I, the developer, will have better control over the memory. One major problem is C# is the Garbage collector is not clearing the image right after I no longer need it. It is not uncommon for the program to have 3-4 pictures loaded into memory even long after the program is done using them and properly called the destroy methods. The only time the program seems to clear the image is when it loads a large image (+10 mb)

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