Monday, September 28, 2009

Version Released

Backround cycler version (a 5.0 alpha) was released today

Some new features are:

  1. you can now change the Display of the Pictures list (but it is not persistent so will always load to Detail view)
  2. now i have a feature to display a balloon with info about the picture that is currently loaded by the application
  3. Changed where the DEBUG.txt file is saved for people on VISTA and later OSes so that if/when the app crashes it can save a stack trace for better debugging.
  4. some modifications to two classes that Deal with the Pictures List.

It already has some known bugs in it that will be fixed in alpha 2, they are:

  • The List of pictures does not auto save (result of modifying the 2 classes should be fixed in next release)
  • you cannot save the display view (it does not have a setting option yet)

you can download the installer here


no packaged source files but you can download the source file in the SVN release here This is a SVN site and will not display correctly in a web browser.

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