Sunday, November 22, 2009

Backround Cycler version (alpha 2) released

Backround Cycler version 4.9 alpha 2 (for 5.0) is out Changes are:

  1. Changed some of the Core to prep for access to a web source.
  2. Changed the way the FileList loads the files
    • In a future release it will use XML, have test functions that are not called in the release
    • Changed the checking if the file exists, for speed, I check if the file exists on a change background call
  3. Added a Check Subfolders check box to the images list so you can change it in that window and not have to go to the behavior section to change it. Picture here

Download Backround Cycler version (alpha 2) here


edit: new system requirement .net 3.5 framework

also in edit: no packaged source files but you can download the source file in the SVN release here This is a SVN site and will not display correctly in a web browser.

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