Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Version Released (Not on SourceForage)

Backround Cycler version Alpha 3 has been released and can be downloaded here http://static.allaboutwilliam.com/Downloads/BackroundCycler.v4.9.test.exe

This is a Test release for a New installer system that I am using. I have switched from NSIS to INNOsetup. The program title will read BETA but it is not ready for that yet this is still a Alpha product . I am not releasing this version on Source forage Because I am not packaging or branching the source code in any way if you would like the source code for this one version you can download it from the SVN Trunk the Revision number is 319. Do to the fact that I am not releasing the source code with the release I cannot release it on Source Forage. I plan on having a Beta Build by the first week of November.

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